How to Get Rid of Shadows in Lightroom

To remove shadows in Lightroom, there are a few steps that you have to do. First, it is suggested that you increase the exposure of the image. This allows you to see if the shadow area can be recovered (you want to be able to see shapes instead of a single bright image).

How to Remove Shadows in Lightroom..

From there, you have to work with shadows and highlights to achieve your goal.

How do I remove shadows from photos in Lightroom?

Now, how to edit out shadows in Lightroom is a process. This isn’t a single push button; however,

You can easily do this if you follow these steps.

To remove background shadows in Lightroom, you first have to increase the exposure to brighten the shadow areas.

Remove background shadows in Lightroom..

Second, decrease the blacks and increase the luminance. From there, you can decrease the exposure again and see if the shadows are removed to your liking.

Edit out shadows in Lightroom is a process..

You can increase the blacks in the photo to add balanced shadows where images can be too bright. Make sure that you are working on global changes and remember, experiment with color balances, exposures, and shadows.

How to Get Rid of Shadows in Lightroom..

When you are removing shadows in Lightroom, keep in mind that you have multiple tools to get the shadows just right. One tool is Range Mask: this tool keeps your highlights set while changing your shadows.

This is a quick how to edit shadows in Lightroom review, however, you may also need to work on smaller spaces like faces. Get rid of shadows in Lightroom to make sure your photos look just like you want them to!

How do I remove shadows from faces in Lightroom?

To remove shadows from faces in Lightroom, you follow steps close to those above. This time, you can use different tools to make sure you pinpoint shadowed spaces. After you adjust exposure and see how much light you can place in the shadows (i.e., adjusting luminance),

You can start to fix shadows on faces in Lightroom:

First, pull up the brush tool. This tool changes the color to a transparent red on your image to show where you mark. Make sure you adjust the brush size and have auto mask turned on (this protects backgrounds from changing) before you start to paint. This will help you fix shadows on faces in Lightroom.

Remove shadows from faces in Lightroom..

Next, press O to turn on overlay. Paint the overlay (turns red) to make sure that you don’t change your original file. Remember, it’s okay if you go outside of the areas you want to highlight…but just a little.

Fix shadows on faces in Lightroom..

From there, you can adjust ONLY the shadowed part of the face and remove shadows using Lightroom! You can toggle the overlay to see your changes: sometimes this can help you see if you want to edit just a little bit more.

Remove shadows using Lightroom..

Once you have fixed your shadows, balance out your colors until they appear natural to the naked eye. You can adjust the tone, color, and also the hue.

Fix your shadows on faces using Lightroom..

Finish editing your photo with Color Grading – this helps the photo blend. You can add specific color tones to your highlights to help your photo come together and match the tone of the lighting (oranges for sunlight and blues for fluorescent lights for example).

How do I remove shadows from faces in Lightroom mobile?

Fortunately, it’s not hard to remove shadows in Lightroom mobile. First, download the app and then pull it up on your phone.

To remove shadows from the face in the Lightroom app

you’ll have to share your photo to Lightroom first.

Select your photo and follow the same steps shown above: Increase exposure and contrast, then decrease highlights; increase the shadows and whites, but decrease the blacks.

How to remove shadows from faces in Lightroom mobile..

Now decrease the temperature and tint but increase the saturation and vibrance. Just like above, you want to adjust the color tone to fit the image: this is also where you can increase or decrease luminance too.

Remove shadows from the face in the Lightroom app..

If you’d like, you can also use the brush tool to select specific areas to decrease shadows in.

How do I remove shadows from faces in Lightroom mobile..

Lightroom is a very handy tool to have on your computer and your phone: you can even sync your accounts. Have fun editing!

Last updated on 2022-03-01

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