Learn Tips & Tricks to Improve your Editing Skills and Speed Up your Lightroom Workflow.

Techniques for Amateur & Professional Photographers.

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148 Pages of Lightroom Tips & Tricks

54 actionable tips that will Supercharge your Lightroom Skills and help Grow your Photography Business!

Speed Up your Workflow
Reduce time spent in front of your computer by learning how to get from Import to Export as fast as possible.
Enhance your Productivity
Discover the tools that create a smooth and seamless editing experience.
Improve your Post Production
Editing tips and tricks to refine your style and create photos with impact.
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Tips & Tricks to Supercharge Lightroom

Learn the hidden secrets and shortcuts to use Lightroom to its full potential


Manage & Navigate your photo library with efficiency. Spend more time shooting and less time buried in files!


Extract the most from every photo you import into Lightroom. Learn the tips to help you edit your photos like a pro.


Halve the time spent selecting the keepers. Breeze through your photos and learn tricks that will make you enjoy the culling process!


Discover apps and plugins that have a big impact on your entire Lightroom workflow. Tweak your hardware to get the most out of it.


Set up Lightroom for optimum performance and usability. Learn the small tweaks to your workflow which have a big effect.


Learn how to manipulate your photos for added impact. Discover simple tricks that can improve your photos in seconds.


Learn how to create an unbeatable export profile for promotion on social media. Make the most of Facebook's image restrictions.


Speed up your entire Lightroom Workflow with tips, tricks and tutorials on getting from import to export in as few steps as possible.

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Many pros and amateurs have already used the tips in the Lightroom Power User eBook to improve their Lightroom skills and grow their photography business. You could be next!

Lauren Bath - Digital Influencer

Even though I’m a full time working photographer I have always been stumped by Lightroom, preferring Photoshop for my own post processing. However Mark’s new ebook has shown me how easy Lightroom can be and inspired me to take another look. I would recommend this to anyone just starting out with Lightroom but also for experienced users that might learn new tips

Sam Hurd - Wedding Photographer

Book looks awesome man! No problem to use the line from me in there for the split toning. Glad you're doing so well with Shotkit!

Olivier Morin - Sports Photographer

This Lightroom Tips and tricks book is a bedside book for any users at any level! I use both Lightroom and Photoshop daily, but I still forget the power of little tricks of Lightroom. This book is a constant reminder - an essential! Well done Mark.

Fer Juaristi - Wedding Photographer

Good stuff my friend! I love how simple and direct this book is. Really good stuff!

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148 pages of awesome Tips & Tricks to supercharge your Lightroom experience.

About The Author

Mark Condon is a British wedding photographer and founder of popular photography site Shotkit. Mark compiled the Lightroom Power User ebook to teach some of the most useful Lightroom tips and tricks to photography enthusiasts around the world.

Mark Condon

"Lightroom Power User is for the advanced user of Lightroom who wants to learn some tips and tricks to really supercharge their Lightroom experience. I'm confident that whatever your current Lightroom skill level, you will find something here that will significantly improve your time with this powerful software."